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Our products run true to size. Our size charts (displayed on each product description) provide accurate sizing dimensions. For a loose fit, order one size up.


When will my Shipment arrive?

As a general rule, and based on the information provided from our trusted partners, we assume the following UK delivery time: 

2-4 business days

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot provide tracking as a standard option. It's a possibility we continue to look at as we grow stronger relationships with our shipping partners.

For other global destinations, please refer to our shipping page here.


I've signed up but the pop-up still appears when I visit the site.

Make sure you have installed the latest software update for your internet browser and that the cookie and website data settings are enabled. If the pop-up keeps appearing it is likely that this is the cause. If neither of these solutions work for you please feel free to contact us at: and we will troubleshoot your issues.


After hitting "Submit Your Order" I receive a "Gateway Error" Message.

Gateway error messages indicate that the Credit Card information you have entered was either entered incorrectly or was declined. Many times people forget to use the proper billing address or miss type the expiry date or card number. If all of your information is correct but the card was declined this may be caused by a purchasing limit on your card, perhaps it was exceeded. This is also often the case. If neither of these solutions work for you please feel free to contact us at: to  complete your purchase and we will troubleshoot your issues.


I cannot add items to my cart or check them out. When I hit "add to cart" it takes me to the cart page and says that my cart is empty.

The reason for this is caused by your browsers cookies settings. Most/all online stores and websites require cookies to be enabled to make purchases and use the full functions of the website. If this solution doesn’t work for you please feel free to contact us at: info@vikingfitnessproject.comto complete your purchase and we will troubleshoot your issues.


Are there any additional charges?

As customs policies vary widely from country to country, we can’t predict what the costs will be and it is the customer's responsibility to contact the local customs office or tax authority for specific information. Viking Fitness has no control over additional charges and does not cover any costs such as customs clearance, or bank fees as these must be paid for by the customer.