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Comfortable, lightweight, breathable, non intrusive allowing me to perform any movement without a second thought. There isn't enough buzz words to describe how solid these tee's are. Tried and tested through numerous varieties of session and they pass with flying colours and still look as good as the day I opened the packaging. The classic clean design allows me to pair them with almost anything in and out of the gym.

by Ryan Rocks

Hands down one of the most comfortable t-shirts I have ever worn. Great design, comfort is top level and extremely durable!

by Chris Kerrin

Amazing quality gym wear from a local brand with a great ethos. Clothing is very comfortable, excellent quality material and washes incredibly well. No fading on the printing or logos after multiple washes. Highly recommend! 

by Terri Forbes

Fabulous quality. Keeps its size and shape, washes well and the logo doesn't wear off! Comfortable to wear and exercise in. Just perfect! 

by Madonna Jones

My go to workout tee. The fit is great and because of this the tee is super comfortable! The material deals really well with sweaty workouts. Easily one of my favourite tees in the drawer. Top quality product!

by Mark Cox

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